Getting Started

Choose the age group you belong to and check the session time. Please turn up about 15 minutes before the session starts so you can fill in our simple form. There is no formal beginners course and no need to book an appointment.

What do I wear?

Jogging type bottoms with no zips or buttons and a T-shirt. Please make sure all metal and plastic jewellery, earrings, necklaces, hair clips etc are removed. The club has judo jackets and belts which can be used free of charge.

Once you’ve decided to stick at Judo, kits can be bought from the club. The prices vary from size to size and quality of the suit.

What does it cost?

£4.50 per session for non-members.

We do not have any contracts or long term commitments.

Reduced family rates for 3 or more in the same household.

Just pay as you play.

Our annual club membership is £20.00 per family.

What about insurance?

You will be covered for the first 5 sessions under the instructors insurance with the British Judo Association.

After that you will need to take out a licence with the British Judo Association. Please see their website for details. Our club number is 18136 and we are in the Greater Manchester / Northwest Area.

Is Judo the complete Self-Defence?

There is no complete self-defence and it is foolish to make such claims. However, because of its close contact, Judo helps to develop a keen awareness of danger. It offers the best self-defence training at close quarters than any other sport. The British Judo Association has specially trained self-defence instructors.