Club Coaches


Paul Adams | Honorary President and Founder of Swinton Judo Club

With over 50 years in judo Paul is a forefather of judo in the Salford area. He took over the Nu-ju Kwai club and renamed it Swinton School of Judo in 1972. Under Paul’s guidance the club has gained national recognition over the years with a number of the clubs team gaining places on the British squad.

Paul still coaches and trains at the club on practice nights and has been a black belt for over 40 years.

Andy Officer

Andy started judo at Swinton Judo Club coached by Paul Adams and under the watchful eye of Paul’s father Harold Adams.  In his youth Andy was a British Champion and competed throughout the UK and abroad.

With over 40 years experience in judo Andy has now led the club for almost twenty years.

A coach at the club and in schools Andy has taught at all levels from the beginners first time on the mat to international players.

James Doherty

James started judo at the age of 10 and gained his first dan in 1995. His contest successes include several medals from area competitions as the Lancashire area squad captain and a BJC senior national bronze. He has been coaching judo since 1993 and ran the Westwood Judo Club in Eccles before merging with the Swinton Judo Club in 2004. He has previously been the BJC Lancashire area squad coach and for many years has been the Salford team coach for the greater Manchester youth games.

James still competes in some area competition events.

Hammad Hussain

Hammed joined the club from one of the school programmes that Andy coaches, and is now a popular coach on the junior and kinder classes. Hammed also coaches in one of our schools that the club has strong links with.

Wendy Alder

Wendy has been a member of the club for over 40 years and started judo with Paul Adams. She teaches in one of the club’s school programmes.

Wendy is also one of the clubs welfare officers for safeguarding members.

Hazel Doherty

Hazel started judo at the University of Manchester and then joined Swinton Judo Club as a blue belt. She soon obtained her black belt under guidance of the club, then gained her coaching qualification soon after. She has represented her University in national competitions, and later medalled at area level competitions.

Hazel now coaches on the junior lessons and assists on the senior classes.

Francis Connor

Franny takes the kata (formal judo moves) and the flexibility sessions at the club. With over 25 years of Judo experience he represented the BJC Lancashire area squad and competed in national championships on numerous occasions.

As a qualified osteopath and physiotherapist provides advice and treatment to club members and many of the BJC and BJA national team members.

Bernadine Reynolds

Started her judo at Waterloo Judo Club in Liverpool and competed at area level in her youth.

After a break she came to Swinton Judo Club, who guided her through her coaching qualification. Bernie now coaches on the kinder classes.

Frank Chatburn

Frank has been involved in judo for over 30 years and has come back to Swinton Judo after moving back in the area. Frank assists on all the classes especially with beginners.